Facility Upgrades and Trainings in Maternity

GHE helps with facility upgrades along with regular maternal health trainings.   Programs include scenario based discussions and reviews of treatment options for postpartum hemorrhage and eclampsia.  This interactive approach helps the GHE team better understand the local approach to these dangerous medical emergencies and develop management plans that will be accepted and more likely to be implemented  in the local health facilities.

Maternal Health

Facility Upgrades

 May 2017 visit to Magale HC4 and several smaller health clinics.  Visits included the delivery of blood pressure machines and infant resuscitation supplies along with refresher courses on newborn care and resuscitation. 

Training Programs

Physician Assistant Students from Jefferson College help run the nurse and midwife programs that include topics including suturing techniques and maternal emergency scenarios,

Ultrasound Training

Mark Gustafson MD, MPH helping with ultrasound training useful for the evaluation of maternal and neonatal care.