Traveling To Uganda


Located in Central East Africa and sharing Lake Victoria, the origin of the Nile River, with Kenya and Tanzania. 

Magale Health Center 4

The clinic is located near the border of Eastern Uganda and Kenya at the foothills of Mount Elgon.  The climate is temperate with daytime temperatures reaching in the mid 80s and dropping to the mid 60s at night.  

Susan and Steve Hill with the newly renovated guest rooms at St. Angela's Convent

Accommodations and Electricity

Accommodations:  St. Angela's Convent is adjacent to the Health center and the Sisters generously host travelers within their convent.   

Electricity:  Due to the remote location of the facility, electricity and running water is not always available.  Uganda uses the British power 220-240 plug type G.  Step up/down convertors are built in to power cords for laptops, and many other electronics. 

Travel Details

Airline and Road Travel

  1. Air Travel:  Multiple airlines travel to Uganda including KLM, Emirates, Ethiopian, and Turkish Airlines. Total flight time is roughly 18 hours.
  2. Ground Travel:  Magale is roughly 6 hours away from Entebbe Airport depending upon traffic.  

Vaccinations and Malarial Prophylaxis

  1. Vaccines: Yellow fever, Hepatitis A, and Typhoid are needed for Uganda in addition to your routine vaccines such as Tetanus and yearly flu shot.  Check out the CDC Website for updated information.
  2. Malaria Prophylaxis:  Malarone or Doxycycline are recommended for mosquitos in Uganda carrying chloroquine resistant strains of Malaria.


  1. Language:  English is the official language taught in school although Lugisu is a local dialect spoken in Magale. Health workers having a formal education are helpful with translating training sessions.
  2. Contacts from home:  Internet is not available at Magale although a phone SIM card can be purchased en route upon arrival in Entebbe.