Living With Albinism in Uganda

The Problem

Since albinism has been considered as a "disease" or "curse,  children with albinism may be abandoned by one or both parents.  It is also common for a child with albinism to have visual problems making it difficult to read and do well in school.   Without sun protection, children may develop skin cancers in their teens resulting in an early death.​

How to Use a Magnifying Lens

Patrick Kimuku, co-coordinator of the community health program, shows a man with albinism and poor vision how to use a magnifying lens.  Visual complications are common among people with albinism.

Teaching Handouts

Laminated handouts are posted at all 13 health clinics and used to help teach the population that albinism is a genetic disease and not a curse.  Also included are important measures to provide protection from sun damage that will cause an early death from skin cancers.