Maternal Challenges

 Maternal and infant mortality rate is 10 times greater in Uganda than in the US.  More than 50% of mothers still deliver outside the Ugandan Health Centers by men and women  called “Traditional Birth Attendants.”  Some caring for Ugandan mothers may have little or no medical training.

A Promising Solution: A Grassroots Movement

Ugandan Led Community Health Organization

Fifteen Ugandan Leaders run the Traditional Birth Referral Agent Program encouraging traditional birth attendants to refer mothers to health clinics for their deliveries.  Membership of formerly local Traditional Birth Attendants has increased to over 380 members spanning 13 health centers in Eastern Uganda.  Members now refer to themselves as "Bubulo East Traditional Birth REFERRAL Agents."

Leaders Running Community Health Training Programs

Mary Esther Nayke, a BETBRA leader, is also a midwife, and anesthetist at Magale Health Center, She travels to health centers and villages to teach midwives and birth attendants about safe deliveries and the importance of referrals.

Albinism Outreach

The Albinism project began in October 2015 and was created to educate the local population about albinism.  The leaders of the TBRA program have become involved in these teaching programs and conduct outreach programs throughout the communities surrounding the 13 health clinics.

Bubulo East Traditional Birth Referral Agents: BETBRA

BETBRA Program

Covering 13 health centers and their surrounding populations

Magale Celebration

Celebrating 3 years of the BETBRA  Program

Official Ugandan Government Registration

Officially registered in April 2017