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Director GHE:  Judy Gustafson MD, MPH

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Global Health Educators was created to improve health through educational health programs.   Since our first visit to Uganda in 2013, it has developed into a far greater experience with the sharing of ideas and experiences.   Many of those traveling to Uganda return home with a greater depth of gratitude, tolerance, patience, and cultural understanding.

Non Profit Status

A 501c3 nonprofit organization

ID # 47-2502021

GHE is run entirely by volunteers in both Uganda and the U.S.   The organization provides no salaries, travel expenses, or financial benefits to its board members or the many active participants living in the U.S. and abroad. 

Our History

How We Began

The first trip to Eastern Uganda included speaking at a medical conference in January 2013 followed by site visits to multiple health clinics in Eastern Uganda.  Magale Health Center and it's devoted medical staff drew us back and eventually became the base of operations for Global Health Educators. Along with volunteers in the US, we have worked with the medical providers in in Magale to improve their health facilities and provide medical and community educational programs that have extended into the surrounding 12 health centers that refer patients in to Magale HC4. 

Cultural Understanding

Since 2013 we have stayed in a convent adjacent to Magale Health Center which not only reduces time spent traveling to tourist hotels, but also gives us a better understanding the challenges faced by the clinic patients and staff.  Trips to the referring health clinics that include presenting educational programs, also  gives us a better understanding of these beautiful people and their culture.

Implementing Change

With cultural immersion GHE volunteers come to understand the customs and superstitions that may affect the ability to implement change.  With greater cultural understanding, sustainable programs can be developed with Ugandan "Champions" who will continue these programs long into the future. 

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